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ABITL Automated Powder Coating

High Volume, High Quality, Automated Industrial Powder Coating with Quick Turnaround and Excellent Economies of Scale.


ABITL's 1,800-ft automated conveyor precisely cleans, coats and cures thousands of parts powder coating parts per hour.

  • Seven-stage wash system
  • Twin, automated 14-gun Nordson powder booths
  • Unique dual-stage curing oven

ABITL Powder Coating Types — ABITL features thermosetting powder coatings – available in any color and any texture – to deliver exceptional finish quality, durability, low-maintenance, and are environment-friendly.

Epoxy – Indoor / Hybrid – Indoor / TGIC Polyesters – Indoor/Outdoor / Super Durable TGIC Polyesters – Indoor/Outdoor / Urethane Polyesters – Indoor/Outdoor / Acrylics – Indoor/Outdoor

ABITL Three Steps - To Quality Coatings.

Step One: Totally Clean Parts. Seven-stage wash system assures contaminant-free substrate.
Step Two: Even, Reliable Powder Application. Best-in-class finishing equipment.
Step Three: Precise Oven Curing. Industry’s most sophisticated curing ovens.

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Since 2002, and key production management with over 50 years of combined powder coating experience, ABITL has built a solid reputation and proven track record in total customer satisfaction, and on-time and on-budget performance.

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