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*NEW* BCP/Wheelabrator

With ABITL’s NEW Wheelabrator sand blasting equipment, we can handle virtually any part size, high volume to individual, small to large, at cost effective prices. Along with Abitl’s 80’ Powder Coating equipment and metal finishing services we can handle vertically any project our customer’s may need.

Additional Metal Finishing Services:

  • Multi-media sandblasting with unlimited part size
  • New BCP / Wheelabrator, 8- wheel, 200hp, roller convey or Structural blasting cleaning machine with a work envelope of 48” x 48”.
  • Hot sand stripping.
  • Masking/plugging
  • Priming
  • Assembly
  • Packing

Professional Sandblasting

  • Multi-media capabilities
  • Commercial to near white blast per customer requirements
  • Performed in an enclosed and controlled environment
  • Unlimited part sizes
  • Service available even for parts not being powder coated


Hot Sand Stripping

  • Safe, effective, economical stripping of steel parts
  • Parts bathed in hot, active, special sand media in fluidized bed
  • Low-abrasion leaves metal totally paint-free and undamaged
  • Part sizes up to 25 x 86 x 27 in.
  • Service available independent of coating


ABITL Sand Blasting Capabilities Exceed Customer Expectations!

Capabilities Video

Since 2002, and key production management with over 50 years of combined powder coating experience, ABITL has built a solid reputation and proven track record in total customer satisfaction, and on-time and on-budget performance.

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