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As in any other application, a polyurethane, Acrylic Powder Coating is suitable only when the application involves clear, smooth and efficient operation of the product. The components must be in place to ensure a smooth and thorough coating as the normal disassembly of a powder coating unit (that takes less than a minute) after the application is not required for commercial purposes. A once-over ensures that the surface of the material has been properly prepared to enable fast coating on its chosen substrate. Once the coating is ready, it is ready to use. No processing is required to re-apply the coating.


The substrate is simply the metallic powder or thermoplastic material to which the coating has been applied. It must be true and completely homogeneous, otherwise the coating will be rejected. This cannot be attained with large quantities of thin sheets of metal powders, which would only result in too thick of a coating layer. Therefore, the substrate must also be highly compatible with the coating. As a substrate is used to allow an amount of heat to enter the system, it is equally important that it is free from sharp edges or bends, otherwise the coating would fall off within the first few hours of contact. Excess heat can burn a heated substrate even before adhesion can take place.

There are many techniques for preparing a suitable substrate to carry a metallic powder. For obvious reasons, a sufficient amount of oil is needed in the coating, that is it can stay above the substrate at any temperature, which is why the polyurethane or Acrylic Powder Coating is normally available in oil. The coating is usually made up of Aluminum Oxide and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which make it chemically inert and hard. It must, however, be noted that once the substrate is in contact with the powder coating, its adhesive must be sufficient to hold the coating onto the substrate as the elements of the process itself can cause the bonding to break down.

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