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The common meaning of a ” Epoxy Powder Coating” is the application of paint or coating, which will form a protective coating over another substance. To paint a surface is to apply a compound to that surface which creates a barrier. There are other applications of this powder coating concept. These include but are not limited to: fog formation on a vehicle, wheel bearings and much more. There are many companies who provide in house and outside in house cleaning services. If you want a custom painting and coating application, then you may want to hire a professional contractor. Not only do they offer a quality product and service, but they also have a good reputation for being courteous and taking the time to explain what they are doing.

A better alternative to the professional coating provider would be to do it yourself if you are not confident about applying epoxy powder coating yourself. In many cases, it is quite easy to do this and it can be done with minimal tools. Sometimes there is no need to use the traditional commercial grade equipment to apply epoxy powder coating to your own vehicle. Often a simple buffer, paintbrush, paintbrush holder, spray gun and even paint tray, can be used for some time to coat the surface of your vehicle.

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With the first coat, you will be introducing a liquid or a thin layer of protective coating that will protect the vehicle from dirt, oil, rust, and rust repellent. It will also add a few extra years to the life of the paint or coating. After you get the car paint color approved, the next step is to add a coat to the vehicle that will seal the initial coat and create a solid barrier that will not allow moisture, liquids, rust, or rust repellent to seep through. At this point you have the coating in place and have completed your project.

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Made in the USA, assured, monitored, documented and Certified by ABITL’s 3 step quality program

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