ABITL Finishing, Inc. Quoting Process

There is no magic formula for quoting or estimating powder coating cost. That being said we pride our selves on a customer centered quoting process optimized for customer success. 

We SUCCEED when our CUSTOMERS succeed.

Sand Blasting

Pricing – How much does Powder Coating cost?

Our estimates or quotes are based on quantity, powder cost, pretreat, and 32 other factors.

Because of the wide variety of projects and factors we quote or estimate on a case by case bases.

With our system, we are able to optimize efficiency for the best cost-effective solutions for all.

First, we start with a FREE Request a Quote based on pictures, blueprints, and description of the parts as well as the desired work to be done.

From there we will be able to present our coating and finishing solution base on our previous 50 years of experience in the industry.

If you like what you see we will make the first run of your parts.

After the first run of your parts, we will analyze cost and efficiency for possible 5-10% price reduction or increase.

With the first run information, we will be able to determine possible optimization opportunities that provide more saving for our customers.

We will discover ways to optimize the process such as hanging techniques, labeling, or other simple changes.

If as a team we decide there is more optimization possible in the process. We will discuss possible changes such as building more efficient racking or processes changes.

Download a Brochure

Our brochures provide expanded information on our extensive services ranging from facility information to examples of our work. 

Powder Coating Types and Additional Metal Finishing Services:

ABITL Finishing, Inc. features thermosetting powder coatings— available in any color and any texture —to deliver exceptional finish quality, durability, low-maintenance, and are environment-friendly.
Multi-media sandblasting with unlimited part size, BCP / Wheelabrator, Hot sand stripping, Masking/plugging, Priming, Assembly, and Packing

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