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Polyester powder coating is the most common form of Urethane Polyester powder coating. The use of polyester powder is primarily in electronic devices, computers, industrial equipment and textiles. This powder coating method has many advantages over other polyurethane coating methods such as stippling or etching, etc. In powder coating, the polyester polymer is mixed with an oxidizer in the solution before coating. Once it is coated, the solution will be sprayed or blown on the surface to create a desired final shape. The coated surfaces have a permanent or semi-permanent film that does not break down, fade or deteriorate easily. As a result, the coating is quite durable and hard.

Polyurethane Polyester Powder Coating is a very effective form of coating. It gives a permanent coating to the items without having to sand or scratch it. Some of the things that are coated with the Polyurethane Polyester Powder Coating include fiberglass, metal, plastic, and ceramics. 

It can also be used for complex surfaces. Unlike other methods, this kind of coating requires low temperatures, low pressures, low abrasive grits, low temperature exposure and high speed processing. The polyester powder is loaded in the system with an oxidizer that will form a low resistance barrier to protect the material from any scratches or other damages.

In Urethane Polyester Powder Coating, the polyester powder is spread over the surface using the spray gun. The sprayed coating sticks to the surface with the help of a gel that is commonly used for attaching the powder. In fact, Urethane Polyester Powder Coating is widely used in a variety of industries and products. Some of the other important uses of polyester powder coating are: building materials, automotive, lighting, computer chips, medical equipment, wood, textiles, glass, construction and furniture, etc. Nowadays, the popular form of polyester powder coating is called as UV coating. Also known as UV Clear Coat, UV has become an important choice for the coating industry because of its proven durability and excellent quality.

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