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Is Abrasive Blasting the Right Metal Finishing Solution for You Featured

What is Sand Blasting?

Sandblasting, also called abrasive blasting, involves using air pressure to force small, abrasive particles at a surface at high speed to clean it or change its texture. The process used to involve using sand, but now there are different (and better) materials for the task. Related: Is Abrasive Blasting the Right Metal Finishing Solution for

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Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting vs. Sand Blasting

Sand blasting and soda blasting are two of the primary ways to clean or prepare a surface for industrial coatings. The two are similar when it comes to their processes and equipment, but the difference comes down to their materials and applications. In some instances, either one can be used while sometimes one has a

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Hot Sand Stripping

10 Types of Abrasive Blasting: What’s the Difference?

Abrasive blasting goes by many names, such as sandblasting, media blasting or grit blasting. These names all refer to the same method of surface cleaning and preparation. The only difference is the type of ‘abrasive’ used to do the work. Abrasive blasting is the method by which any surface can be modified to either be

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Wheelabrator Machine: What Does It Do and How Does It Work?

Put simply, a Wheelabrator is a machine that helps clean and surface-treat a variety of parts quickly and effectively.  These are made-to-order machines that industrial firms use to carry out surface cleaning and finishing at scale. Each is designed to help clean a specific set of parts.  The machine throws hot steel that is micro-sized

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Is Abrasive Blasting the Right Metal Finishing Solution for You?

There are so many methods out there for applying an industrial-grade metal coating to products and objects. For the most part, it depends heavily on the outcome you want. If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing precious metal coating for jewelry, or rock hard coating for auto parts, you’ll probably opt for a different metal finishing

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